A Simple Way to Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose, just like wellness is not static. As we evolve and grow by first meeting ourselves where we are at today, we then reach a level of mastery and then it’s time to ascend. That is okay. You’ve grown and to keep growing we must keep going. That means stretching ourselves, getting uncomfortable.

Start by taking an inventory to gauge if it’s time to move on by answering these questions:

  • What lights you up most right now?
  • What could you geek out over and lose track of time?
  • Where is your heart calling you to be of service?

It may be that you discover that what you are doing today is already aligned. Congrats! If that is the case, keep doing what you’re doing until you are not longer passionate about it There might be a day when you realize that what was once the reason for getting out of bed no longer lights you up. That is okay, it could be a sign you’ve outgrown that thing, you’ve learned and give all that you could in that area, and it’s time to explore by first connecting in.

If you found, from taking that inventory, that what you are doing now isn’t aligned, congrats, it’s time to step into something new.

You don’t have to leap, in fact, I would advise against doing that. Instead, make a list of the small steps you might take to explore this clarity further. Maybe it’s signing up for a class, offering a service for free to get your feet wet and see what it’s like. Then tune in and listen.

  • Do you feel light and warm, open and expansive?
  • Do you get butterflies in your belly?
  • Where is fear or self-doubt showing up to protect you?

Yes, I am giving you way more questions than answers. That’s intentional. It’s because the key is going in and within you are the answers. You are an expert and you. These questions are my way of guiding you and facilitating the process of connecting with yourself. Trust that you know. Be willing to be still and to listen for the answers.

There is no cookie-cutter model because you weren’t meant to be put in a box AND this is a starting point.

I’d love to hear what you come up with, comment below.

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