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Like a full-service car wash, you deserve the works. We’ll do a deep clean of all the areas of your wellness: mindset, behavior, nutrition and exercise. Walk away with the tools you need to get results and stay motivated long-term. You deserve to look good and feel good.

real talk

I already know that you know how to be healthier. Try not to beat yourself up about not being able to do it yet. Change is hard and overwhelming. It’s okay to get support to help with motivation and designing a roadmap. 

how it works


Schedule a session to discuss your goals. We’ll align on a vision for where you want to be. Make sure it’s meant to be.


Together we’ll build a step-by-step plan with actionable items to help you reach your goals one day, one week at a time.


In session we’ll talk about your progress – what’s working & what’s not. Set new goals to progress you forward.

I know because I’ve been there

14 years ago I was 206 lbs. I was unhealthy, unhappy, and it was costing me both personally and professionally.

My confidence and insecurity showed up in my decisions at work and how I felt in social situations. Sometimes I’d stay home to avoid a day at the beach or a party where I didn’t have anything to wear that I felt good in.


Jen Rose Mindset and Fitness Coach Online Peloton Wellness Coaching
Jen Rose Mindset and Fitness Coach Online Wellness Coaching

here’s what we’ll cover


Everything starts with a thought. Learn to shift your mindset to unlock the door to possibility and create change. We’ll work together to go inside and discover what thoughts and beliefs are holding you back.


Food is not inherently good or bad. Create a way of eating that mentally and physically empowers you to enjoy your life and feel your best. Be healthy AND hit up the hottest restaurants with friends, have a cocktail or fancy donut, and jet set around the world.


Start where you are today. Find out what kind of movement your body craves and how to fit activity into your lifestyle consistently. Use movement to build strength, endurance, and relieve stress. Chase feeling good; aesthetics and weight loss are a byproduct.


Here is where you bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Learn ways to make healthy living more accessible like using your calendar to schedule time for working out, outsourcing the heavy lifting, assembling meals vs cooking, and easy go-tos.

Jen Rose Mindset and Fitness Coach Online Peloton Wellness Coaching


Jen’s approach is very intuitive and grounded in practicality and reality. If you value your health, and are ready to make an investment in yourself, work with Jen.”


is this right for you?

You need to make time to focus on yourself.

You’re overwhelmed by how to get started.

You want to be more confident and energetic.

You’re so tired of dieting.

You’re ready to feel good in your skin.

Jen Rose Mindset and Fitness Coach Online Peloton Wellness Coaching

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