How To Transform Your Life By Acting As If.

How to transform your life by acting as if. Act As If What if I told you that you could be your future self today. No time machine needed. You...

Change Your Mindset. Unlock A Healthier You.

Change Your Mindset. Unlock A Healthier You. In 2006 I went to the doctor for my very first physical out of graduate school. I stepped on the...

7 Ways to Build a Healthy Lifestyle

7 Ways to Build a Healthy Lifestyle Doing pull-ups and unassisted handstands are on my bucket list. I can’t do either...yet. Why? Because as...





Habits On Fire!

Habits on Fire! On The Jenna Banks Show Did you know that you can create a new version of yourself by learning to identify your current habits...

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“When I met Jen Rose I knew how to eat healthy but felt like I could use some help. Talking with Jen once a month has helped me stay motivated to do what I already know how to do, but turns out I just needed some accountability.

Jen is very knowledgeable and personable when it comes to health, wellness, and nutrition. She listens to my feedback, encourages me to keep up with my progress, and adjusts our goals accordingly. Having a coach who does not judge (the extra beer or snack) is key to feeling supported. Jen makes it easy to admit my bad days and take pleasure in my good ones.

I am on the right path and have made a friend who practices what she preaches. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants the support, encouragement, and guidance to reach their goals.