Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone & Into Courage

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone & Into Courage

If you’re feeling stuck, anxious or unsuccessful and you’ve been in the same place for awhile, maybe it’s time? Time to get out of your comfort zone? It’s time to take action; small steps or leaps.

In this podcast episode we talk about letting go of perfection, starting before you’re ready, and learning as you go.

It’s not always easy or glamorous but trust that you’ll figure it out along the way. How can I be so certain? Because you’re here and you always have figured it out. Even through pain, everything has always worked out, given you a life lesson, equipped you with more strength and resilience.

You’re still here to tell the stories of the past. Hopefully you can have a good laugh about it too.

Olesya asked me what advice I’d give to my younger self and these are some of my biggest universal life lessons.

Do without doubt. Tap into your courage.

Act as if you are the person you want to become today – embody her

Part of getting outside of your comfort zone and into action is identifying your zone of genius. That is the intersection of what you love, what you’re passionate about and what you’re really good at. This is something you can geek out over and lose track of time doing.

For me that is all things fitness, food, motivation, wellness and behavior change.

Once you figure out what that is then it’s time to make a decision, a commitment to move in the direction of the person who lives that life in flow, in their zone of genius.

I discovered mine through my lived experience. It started with my own weight loss journey. The first decision I made in the direction of my future self was deciding that I was no longer going to be that girl anymore.

These are my top 5 tips to get out of your comfort zone and into courage:

1 Make the decision

Once you make the decision, it stops the negotiation, the back and forth in your mind. All of the sudden, a weight is lifted. You feel better, you’ve got clear direction and you can take the next steps.

2 Create a vision

Get crystal clear on what you want, where you live, who you spend your time with, how you spend your day. Get into the nitty gritty of it. The more detail you have, the better.

3 Start to act as if

Start to act as if you are that person by focusing on small habits and actions that you can take each day to start to become that person. Embody that version of yourself with daily habits and just by stepping into it, you allow yourself to be in that energy and attract more of those experiences and opportunities.

4 Rewrite the self-talk script

It starts with being aware of what you’re currently saying to yourself. What rules you’ve created that can be challenged. Check in on the stories, beliefs and meanings you’ve attached to past experiences. Notice and put those when you’re bringing the past into the present. A clue is when you say “I always…” That’s an indicator that you’ve put yourself in a box. When you do that you don’t even give yourself a chance to be different. So scratch that, by questioning and then write a new story with a different ending.

5 Find ways to fall in love with the process

You’ve heard it before, it’s about the journey not the destination. When you recognize your small wins along the way and those successes, it pushes you to want to keep going. Look for opportunities to chase joy, pride, confidence and competence.

Share with me how you are stepping into courage and if you need support, fill out the contact me form to schedule a discovery call.


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