I met Jen in 2019, I connected with her instantly because she is real! She struggled like me, she is resilient like me, she is kind and compassionate. Sessions were very good because I never felt pressured to move faster than I was ready for; and I made progress every time! I learned with Jen that “Setting goals is an important and powerful part of achieving results.”

I set small and achievable goals, Jen helped me understand what was preventing me from being for successful – childhood traumas are a thing! and how to overcome them with small goals and action. Having Jen’s support to hold me accountable definitely changed my mindset and my life! I am very grateful for everything you help me achieve and for your support! I also love your Instagram posts!


United States

I want to be healthy for the rest of my life. I tried for years to do it myself. When I finally admitted that although I had all the knowledge I did not know how to put the pieces together and get the train on the tracks.

I started working with Jen and everything changed. I have had great success and some setbacks, Jen has been in my corner every step of the way. She encourages me, teaches me, laughs with me, and guides me back on track when I get off course.

She told me early on that losing weight went beyond calories; it was mostly about mindset. And it is so true. That mindset carries into every area of your life. Jen’s approach is very intuitive and grounded in practicality and reality. If you value your health, and are ready to make an investment in yourself, work with Jen.


United States

Jen’s gentle style, encouragement, and positive feedback have been so helpful in my journey towards accomplishing my goals.

I am learning so much about my body and my real needs. Jen has taught me how to think in new ways and allows me to move at my own pace without feeling pushed. I appreciate that I am able to learn and grow while doing it “my way.”

Jen has given me confidence that over time I will continue to make changes and form new, healthy habits. She has also been a great companion along the way.


United States

Jen is a steady coach with a light touch, always encouraging me toward my own goals — at my own pace and always believing in me. Jen listens deeply and helps me work out what it is I want to accomplish. She excels at helping me break down overwhelming challenges into attainable steps.


Holden Beach, United States

I have been a quiet observer who has been watching Jen and listening. I find her to be a positive light in my life. Fun, serious, engaging, and intelligent. What an awesome combination for a daily lift. Keep it going young lady.

Buffalo Grove, United States

Although I was curious what a fitness coaching session would be like, I was concerned I would be told to change my diet, do more exercise, and give up all the things I liked to eat!

I used to be a runner, and haven’t been able to run for a long time due to an issue with my pelvis. This was frustrating me and I thought that if I couldn’t run then I was letting myself down. Since my session with Jen, I’ve been able to give myself permission to do the best I can do, each day. I discovered the joy of foam rolling, not only as physical exercise, but as something that surprisingly brings me a lot of joy!

What I liked most about our session was we laughed a lot, and I felt relaxed to tell Jen about my concerns and how I felt about not being able to run anymore, and how I used to be thinner and fitter. It turns out those things don’t really matter so much, as fitness and health are all about mindset, and Jen helped me see things differently. I wasn’t failing – I was winning!

I would highly recommend Jen’s fitness and wellness coaching services, and if you want someone to have your back to support you on your journey to wellness, just go right ahead and book a session with her! If she can’t shift your fitness mindset then I don’t know who can!

Thanks so much again. Thanks to you I’m loving foam rolling, and happy to look at my running shoes and tell them that one day.. we’ll be running again – but today is not that day – and I’m ok with that.


Somerset, UK

Jen is the first person that has helped me realize my potential in navigating my health journey. She focuses on the individual person, their strengths and areas of need, and is always available when needed. Her knowledge and expertise is amazing and you always feel like you are the most important person she is working with at any time. I highly recommend her.

Virginia Beach, United States

I need to share a few words about Jen. Her power is energetic. This woman is motivating, funny, engaging, and for me someone to look forward to daily. Your power is contagious. Thanks Jen

United States

I’ve worked with Jen for a few years now. She is so easy to connect with! Jen is able to balance the many dynamics of coaching with listening and engagement, humor and seriousness. As other reviewers talked about, Jen truly is real and authentic. For me that is a must.

I continue to learn so much from Jen. Whether through her Instagram posts, the 100 day exercise streaks or her Clubhouse or Instagram Live chats- something she says always resonates with me and keeps me coming back for more.

Credentials count for me! Knowing Jen has it all is really a plus. She personally knows the struggle many of us encounter with weight, exercise, and getting out of our own head. But not only that, she is EXPERIENCED with YEARS of working with people and helping them meet their goals. She is not a one hit wonder or random Instagram/Tik Tok influencer. Cherry on the top- Yep, she has degrees too! Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master Degree in Social Work.

Really the question is why wouldn’t you work with her? Her website is easy to navigate and booking a session isn’t cumbersome at all. I love the self schedule feature and the FAQs under the Contact section took a lot of the guessing out of what to expect.


West Town, Chicago, United States