The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Find Clarity and Be Successful

The biggest mistake that you can making when it comes to getting results and having the life you want is relying on other peoples’ opinions to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do.

Of course, take in new information, consider different ideas, read, listen to podcasts, and seek guidance through coaching or therapy

And, also, don’t forget that you are the expert in you.

You know. You have wisdom the inside of you.

When it gets loud and you get lost and overwhelmed, choose to get quiet.

Close your eyes, tune in and be with yourself.

The more you tune in and listen and feel the more connected you’ll become with yourself and the more clarity you’ll have about the next action to take.

There is no right way, no one size fits all plan to navigate life’s big decisions, your health, dating, or managing relationships.

With regard to the noise, it’s important to filter it out and go with your gut.

What my clients often say is that the problem is “when you haven’t done it in so long, you lose sight of who you are.”

Maybe you’ve lost your way because you were doing really well, focused and on track with what you were pursuing and then someone said something to you, a loved one, well meaning people who love you and just like that you start to doubt yourself and spiral out and away from what you were once excited about.

For example, in the wellness space, one person says fast, one person says don’t skip breakfast.

Or maybe you heard “You should do this diet, or this exercise or drink this much water” Or your doctor “said do this” Or your friend said “I did this and had so much success.”

All of that can be helpful, but it can also be really confusing and overwhelming to the point that you feel lost.

What I hear is “I don’t know what to do” and “I don’t even know where to start” and it’s a sense of urgency coupled with desperation.

The problem with surveying everyone else and including Dr. Google is that it only gets you further disconnected from yourself.

To get clear on what you want and how to start, ask these questions of yourself…

1. What do I have mental buy-in into?

2. What feels right in my body?

3. What would bring me joy?

4. What can I see myself doing ?

5. Or in the case of lifestyle change, what can I see myself doing long-term?

Again, these can be applied to any area of life. The goal is to work on building more self-trust, to get more attuned to what you actually want, to get clear on what you believe and then proceed to take action from that place of clarity.