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Habits on Fire! On The Jenna Banks Show

Did you know that you can create a new version of yourself by learning to identify your current habits and consciously choosing to create new habits? Habits on Fire!

You can rewrite your story.

The question is, “Are you interested or are you committed?

If you’re interested, then you’ll take the easy and convenient path and allow your thoughts sway you from what you say you want and who you want to be.

If you’re committed, you will do anything to get there. You will uplevel mentally, work hard, and be relentless in pursuit of what you want.

So if you’re ready to evolve and be better, you have to change the script in your mind.

This lesson is something I had to learn for myself after years of trying to lose weight. I finally learned that in order to create sustainable, lasting change, I had to uncover what beliefs were holding me back and then alter my mindset while changing my habits.

Habits are learned in what you do, but it may seem like they are innate because over time they become automated and require little thought or energy.

If you’re looking to change your habits, here are 5 strategies to create Habits on Fire!:


  1. Pay attention to your “I am” and “I am not” statements to help you zoom out on what you’re telling yourself. This is the first step because if you have the awareness you can manage your thoughts differently.
  2. Pick one thing to prioritize and commit to that for 2 weeks. If that is going well then consider adding on. This also means visualizing yourself doing this 1 thing, acting as if you are that person. Talking to yourself as if you are that person.
  3. Focus on consistency. You’ve heard it before “progress over perfection” this is especially true when you’re building a new habit. Just keep going. This mindset builds momentum and when you’re in action things happen.
  4. Create habits that bring you joy, that build confidence and strength. Here’s where you tune into yourself and decide what makes sense for you. What would feel good to you to test out and do
  5. Be a champion for your needs. No one is a mind reader and while it might be uncomfortable at first, start to tell people in your trusted inner circle or your boss at work what your needs are.

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