How to Overcome Self Doubt and Get Into Action

It’s in the action that we grow.⁠

Today I set the intention to step outside of myself and share because that’s how we truly connect, create impact, and change our lives.⁠

I led my first room on Clubhouse yesterday. Despite knowing that I have the wisdom and ability, I was nervous like anytime I go on stage or online to speak. I share that because it’s normal to fall into that comparison and imposter syndrome trap. The value in that is that it’s what keeps us humble and wanting to grow and get better. ⁠

The feeling of “I did something hard and rocked it” is the best. Plus that generates momentum and a desire to keep on going. That feeling is waiting for you too. ⁠

You can overcome anything that is holding you back. That might be self-doubt, fear, self-love, overwhelm, comparison, or your inner critic. ⁠

How to overcome self doubt


1. Get clear

“Am I afraid or is this really excitement about the possibility of getting what I want?”⁠

2. Create a positive, empowered mindset

I meditated, turned on Sia “Unstoppable” and put my pen to paper before I moderated⁠.

3. Ask for support

Enlist a friend, loved one, coach, or mentor. I had an awesome co-moderator and my friends showed up for me.⁠

4. Start

Then give yourself permission to fail forward and be open to the learnings. They will make you grow and be better.⁠

Wherever you are, you are powerful and you are good enough. ⁠

It’s time to plug into your power. ⁠